Monday, July 14, 2008

Litespeed is in the Chattanooga Olympic Zone

There are a million "moving pieces" that come together to create those "unforgettable" Olympic moments. One moving piece in this year's Olympic Games that has a huge impact in creating such moments is Litespeed Bicycles, a critical moving part in the pursuit of an Olympic cyclist. Two Olympians, a mountain biker from Canada and a triathlete from Portugal, are counting on these Chattanooga-made bicycles to help them pedal their way to Gold in Beijing.

We recently visited the Litespeed factory and what we found was a team of people that are as dedicated to building these bicycles as the Olympians who ride them. Everywhere in the company, from the factory floor to the executive offices, passion, focus, and pride was part of every step in the process of building lightweight, fast bicycles.

Every community has a few companies that define its"cool factor." Litespeed is definitely one of ours. And this summer, as Chattanoogans tune into the Olympics on NBC, be sure to look for these locally-made bikes on the world's biggest stage. But don't blink - when it comes to the moving parts of these Olympic Games, none move faster than these Litespeed Bicycles.


Tune in to WRCB's "Eyewitness News at 6" on Tuesday, July 15th to see Litespeed's "Chattanooga Olympic Zone" profile or back here on the blog where we'll post a video link to the Litespeed profile.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Joe Smith is in the Chattanooga Olympic Zone

If shuttling kids to and from soccer practice, doctor appointments, and getting them fed and to bed is a challenge in which you can relate, you will appreciate our next featured guest in the Chattanooga Olympic Zone.

As you tune into the Olympics Games one month from now, you'll be watching the world's best athletes on the world's biggest stage taking their best shot at Olympic Gold. But behind each one of those athletes is an "Olympic Team Manager" taking care of many details that allow a competitor to singularly focus on the task at hand. From getting athletes where they need to be (and on time) to keeping them healthy or just a boost of moral support at the right moment, the Olympic Team Manager is always there, 24/7 throughout the entire Games period and beyond.

Chattanoogan Joe Smith is headed to the Olympic Games in Beijing as the Team Manager for the U.S. Olympic Boxing Team. Sitting down with Joe, it quickly became evident that we were not talking to an "Olympic administrator" - we were talking to a "Team Dad" who sacrifices himself for the good of his boxers and his team. It is "behind the scenes" people like Joe who make the Olympic experience impacting and special for the athletes AND personal and meaningful for Chattanoogans watching the Games here at home. Thank you, Joe!

Don't miss Joe Smith's Chattanooga Olympic Zone profile on WRCB Channel 3 "Eyewitness News at 6" on Tuesday, July 8th. Or come back here to the Chattanooga Olympic Zone where we'll post a video link to Joe's profile.